AML Programs & Training

Your AML/CTF Program

How robust is your AML/CTF Program? Are you confident it meets your legal obligations and safeguards your operations?

AML Experts will put your program through its paces. We work with you to identify gaps in Part A and Part B. With our guidance you will ‘know your customer’ and understand their financial activities.

With our due diligence you will identify any weak points in your program and mitigate the risk of exploitation or regulatory problems.

AML Experts Risk Assessments

ML/TF Risk Assessments

Money Laundering / Terrorism Financing

How current is your ML/TF Risk Assessment?

If your answer doesn’t satisfy AUSTRAC then you could find yourself in hot water.

Call AML Experts for a comprehensive risk assessment. We use the ISO91000 Risk Management Standard methodology which is recognised by AUSTRAC for compliance.

  • AML Experts Risk identification
    Risk identification

    • customers
    • products & services
    • business practices/delivery methods
    • countries you do business with

  • AML Experts Risk assessment/measurement
    Risk assessment/measurement

    • likelihood – chance of the risk happening
    • impact – the amount of loss or damage
    • likelihood X impact = level of risk
    (risk score)

  • AML Experts Risk treatment
    Risk treatment

    • minimise and manage the risks
    • apply strategies, policies & procedures
    • put in place systems and controls
    • carry out risk plan & AML/CTF program

  • AML Experts Risk monitoring/review
    Risk monitoring/review

    • develop monitoring process
    • carry out monitoring process
    • keep necessary records
    • review risk plan and AML/CTF program
    • do internal audit or assessment
    • do AML/CTF compliance report

AML/CTF Training

Ensure compliance, internally

Training involves discipline.

To ensure your staff members are aware, alert and vigilant to the money laundering risks in your business, make sure they are trained by AML Experts.

Inadequately trained staff can find you in breach of the AML Act. AML Experts will tailor the training for your operating environment and foster a keen awareness of suspicious financial activity.

AML Experts Risk Assessments

Don't take a chance - AML Experts

Contact AML Experts

For robust AML/CTF Programs and thoroughly trained staff who stick to those programs, call AML Experts. Or for an updated risk assessment, phone Paddy Oliver on 03 9636 3632 today. Be prepared before AUSTRAC asks questions.

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As the Managing Director of Eastern & Allied t/a Hai Ha Money Transfer, I require all aspects of the business’ AML/CTF Compliance Program to be at or above the standard required by law and by AUSTRAC. To give me assurance that the AML/CTF Program is robust, I have engaged Paddy Oliver of AML Experts to carry out the independent reviews of the program.

Paddy has taken the time to understand how the remittance sector operates and specifically how business operates and has grown and changed over the years. Being a lawyer, and an AUSTRAC Authorised Auditor, he can interpret the AML/CTF Act as it relates to independent reviews and how our AML/CTF Compliance Program is designed and implemented.

Paddy is not afraid to challenge and test our AML/CTF controls and our people.  His report is detailed but easily understood. The Recommendations are practical.

As the business is geographically spread, Paddy is more than willing to attend at our branch offices and agents to carry out the review.

I would recommend Paddy and AML Experts to carry out independent reviews and other AML-related work. Also, the review is under a fixed price contract which includes travel expenses.

Dianne Nguyen
Managing Director
Eastern & Allied Pty Ltd t/a Hai Ha Money Transfer