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The Advantage of AML Experts


Fixed Price for Service

We don’t believe in hourly or daily rates. We provide you with added value and comprehensive service with our fixed fee for service.

We will meet with you and scope the work required. Payment terms – usually project milestones – are agreed and guaranteed. Any changes to the scope of work during the project will be authorised by you through a Variation Order.


Service Guarantee

At AML Experts we have the kind of customer-focused service you might not be used to from lawyers or consultants.

Our written guarantee ensures that if you’re not completely satisfied with our service, we will either refund the fee, or accept only a portion of the fee that reflects your level of satisfaction.


Ethical Practice

We’re not here to provide legal advice. Our focus is a professional service that satisfies your pressing and critical need. Our code of legal and business ethics ensures:

  • your business dealings with us remain confidential
  • the service we provide is of the highest professional standard
  • there is no conflict of interest.

OpenMarkets was investigating a business opportunity with a commercial supplier. The opportunity had a “Know Your Customer” element to it. To ensure that the opportunity was taken we engaged Paddy Oliver to assist us carry out a KYC Gap Analysis. The results of the KYC Gap Analysis allows us to satisfy the supplier’s requirements, improve our KYC processes, and ensure that we meet our KYC obligations under the AML/CTF Act.

Working with Paddy helped me to learn more about how our AML/CTF Compliance Framework should operate, and about AML/CTF obligations in general. Paddy’s advice was pragmatic and tailored towards our business needs. Also, all the work was carried out on time and on budget under a fixed price contract.

If you require assistance with your AML/CTF Program do not hesitate to contact Paddy.

Andrea Marani

Chief Operation Officer

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