Are your employees adequately trained on your AML/CTF Program?

AML/CTF Risk Awareness Training is compulsory for every business that has obligations under the AML/CTF Act. This training must be designed to make sure your employees are aware, alert and vigilant about the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing in your business. If your staff are not adequately trained your business may be in breach of the law.

We can help you get your staff up to speed quickly.

Mitigate your risks with good training

Every business has different processes and risk cultures which is why it's best to have AML/CTF Risk Awareness Training tailored for your business. While there are external and online training courses available, these often don't cover the specific issues that are relevant to your business. If your business doesn't comply with the AML/CTF laws it may face serious penalties, reputational damage, and expense.

Bespoke training can be time-consuming to prepare internally, particularly if you have a small team. That's why many of our clients rely on us to write and deliver training that has been tailored to their operating environment. This is designed by our experts to foster a keen awareness of suspicious financial activity in your business and reduce your business risk.

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Bespoke training will benefit everyone

Our tailored AML/CTF Risk Awareness Training is designed specifically for your business and industry, and delivered in a way that is most convenient for your employees. The practical workshop is based on your AML/CTF Program and leverages our in-depth knowledge and understanding of relevant laws and industry best practices.

In 3 hours or less we deliver an effective training session that encourages discussion and better learning outcomes. Even the managers responsible for the training can participate and benefit from it. After completing the program your employees will:

  • Understand what the AML/CTF laws and regulations intend to achieve.
  • Be able to explain the role that AUSTRAC plays in the AML/CTF regime.
  • Understand what your business' obligations are with respect to AML/CTF activities.
  • Have a detailed understanding of the framework that your business has in place to manage its AML/CTF risks.
  • Understand how your AML/CTF Program impacts their day to day roles.

As some roles in your business may have different obligations under the AML/CTF laws, we tailor and deliver different learning programs for customer-facing and back-office employees. At the Board level, we can also deliver training that explains the broader business implications of the AML/CTF regime.