AML Experts Managing Director, Paddy Oliver, is an AUSTRAC Authorised Auditor.

And what’s that mean? It means Paddy is accredited by the highest regulatory agency in the country to act on your behalf for all matters under the AML Act.

AUSTRAC Compliance Assessment

An AUSTRAC Compliance Assessment can cause major stress and anxiety for AML Compliance Officers. We can ease the burden, relieve the headaches and ensure you respond to AUSTRAC in a timely and comprehensive manner.

AUSTRAC S202 and S167 Notices

If you receive a Section 202 or Section 167 Notice from AUSTRAC, don't mess around with amateurs. These notices have serious implications. They demand prompt and professional action.

An inaccurate or inappropriate response can result in criminal prosecution.

Paddy Oliver at AML Experts is authorised to advise you and act on your behalf. Speaking to Paddy Oliver will not breach the terms of the notice or be deemed a criminal offence.

Whether it’s advice, a detailed response or negotiations with AUSTRAC, you want Paddy on your team.

AUSTRAC Enforcement Action

AUSTRAC Enforcement Action is a serious and stressful situation. And engaging AML Experts early, can help you avoid it altogether.

AUSTRAC Enforcement Action may involve specific (and expensive) remedial action by your business, suspension of your operations or criminal penalties.

AML Experts can guide you through an AUSTRAC Enforcement Action with a view to a sustainable and effective outcome.