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Making sure your members or clients are up to speed with specialist areas of the law is an essential part of your role as a peak organisation and regulator. But it’s not always possible to have the expertise that you need in-house. That's why organisations like the Institute of Internal Auditors, Legal Practitioners Liability Committee, the Law Society of NSW, Queensland Law Society, the Law Institute of Victoria and the Legal Services Commission of Victoria call on us when they need an expert on the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (the AML/CTF Act).

AML/CTF workshops tailored to your members' needs

We understand that your members have specific needs. That's why we create bespoke training sessions that are designed specifically for their industry, role and business. Our workshops can include any or all of the following:

  • Overview of what the AML/CTF laws and regulations intended to achieve
  • Explain what your members' obligations under the AML/CTF rules
  • Detail the role that AUSTRAC plays in the AML/CTF regime
  • Outline what frameworks your members can put in place to manage their AML/CTF risks
  • Explain how to implement AML/CTF policies and procedures in their organisation
  • Train internal audit teams on how to complete an Independent Review of their company’s AML/CTF Program

All of our workshops leverage our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the AML/CTF rules and incorporate industry best practices and practical tips. They are designed to encourage discussion and have robust learning outcomes.

AML Experts specialise in the AML/CTF rules

As specialists in the AML/CTF Act, we have a deep technical understanding of the laws and regulations and know how it applies practically.

Because we focus on this area of law every day, we can create workshops and training programs quickly and make sure they address your members' or your employees' specific needs.

Our AML/CTF training can be:

  • Offered on a monthly or annual fixed price retainer
  • Be delivered at your premises or your members' offices
  • Vary in length depending on the time and resources available

Advising Regulators and Peak Bodies on the AML Act

We also work with the regulators, and peak bodies to help them fine tune their own understanding of the AML/CTF Rules and how they apply in practice. This advice is tailored to meet your technical and practical needs.

Your members deserve it

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