Anti-Money Laundering Consulting, Legal & Audit

AUSTRAC Response

When the top AML/CTF regulator comes calling, you want AML Experts in your corner.

AML Training

AML/CTF Risk Awareness Training is compulsory for every business that has obligations under the AML/CTF Act.

AML Independent Review

Every business that has an AML/CTF Program is required to have it reviewed by an independent person regularly.

AML Risk Assessment and Program

Does your AML/CTF Program meet your obligations? Does it safeguard your operations? Is it up to date?

AUSTRAC Investigations

Receiving a letter from AUSTRAC can be daunting. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, how you respond to a request from AUSTRAC can be the difference between potential criminal prosecution or closing the matter.

AML Legal Advice and Compliance Support

If your business is not meeting its AML act legal obligations it could face significant penalties and even serious enforcement action.

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